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Residential Artificial Turf

We understand what it feels like to want to be able to enjoy your outdoor space but feel trapped in an endless battle with nature’s downsides. It can be frustrating when you try to grow grass in Texas while constantly dealing with mud, fireants, and debris in the pool. We believe you deserve joy at home. That’s why we are on a mission with you to improve synthetic grass and turf.

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Our Residential Artificial Turf Products

Artificial grass installation is a big decision. This is a huge step for the environment and your yard’s beauty, regardless of season. Tex Turf is being used by many homeowners to save water and create the most beautiful yard in their neighborhood.

Tex Turf has selected top-quality products to help you make the right decision. Our featured products have high total weights. This means that the turf has a dense texture and is more realistic. These products can be shipped to Texas or anywhere else in the continental USA from our warehouse.

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Turf Products are Non-Toxic & Lead-Free

Being outside reduces stress levels and encourages an active lifestyle. According to Psychology Today, sunlight can affect serotonin levels which in turn can lead to a better mood. You will be more likely to spend your time outdoors if you make it look beautiful. Turf can give your yard some life. Perhaps a little green is all you need.

There are many faux lawn products that can be harmful to your health. The EPA and the Consumer Product Safety Commission are investigating some brands of turf infill made from crumb rubber. For long-term exposure, crumb could contain toxic chemicals. Some faux grass styles are made with lead which can be leaked into the ground and air. Faux turf is safe for children, adults, and pets. This includes all of our padding and cushioning as well as the turf that we offer.

Save Time and Money

Artificial lawns can be used to reduce or eliminate expenses like landscape irrigation, seeding and fertilizing. They also save time and energy due to their minimal upkeep requirements.

Environment and Sustainability

Artificial grass can be integrated into residential landscaping to improve the environment. Turf can help conserve water and reduce the use of harmful chemicals. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, the average American family of four consumes 400 gallons of water per day. Modern technologies for artificial grass production reduce negative environmental effects from manufacturing.

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